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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Melbourne (Great Ocean Road)

went on a tour because big bro and his girlfriend was busy with work. visited several places of interest in west Australia.

First stop, the great ocean Road.

Great ocean road is a great place of attraction for tourist, surfers and swimmers because many leisure activities could be done there. The road that i took to great ocean road took 7 years to complete because the hill and mountain are paved on a rocky surface, which has cause difficulty for workers to construct the road.

besides activities, there are great views too.

amazing things that i had asked and discovered from the tour guide,

the houses in the image above has ocean view and can either be rent for a certain number of days or you can buy it under your name. you would be surprise how much does these houses cost. each of them cost 6million dollars! they cost such a bomb due to the fact that they have ocean view scenery.

took lunch before i went to my next marvelous tourist attraction. had this fries and chick.

you won't believe how awesome the chicken taste when you put inside your mouth. it just melt instantly in your mouth like an ice-cream under the hot sun.

I visited the 12 apostle next. Great scenery too.

The 12 apostle is form by sea erosion. originally it has 24 stacks, but after years of sea erosion, it has been reduced to 8 stacks now. Helicopters charges tourist 95 Australian dollar for a 10mins flight above the 12 apostle for a better scenery.

I've returned back exhausted and famished. My big brother picked us up and brought us to eat dim sum as our lunch in Chinatown in Melbourne.

"xiao long bao" was nice and so were the other food. really had a sumptuous dinner.

And you won't believe what i saw, although there are many bubble tea shop in Australia, there is "Gong Cha"!

Mmmm.. my earl grey milk tea..

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