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Friday, March 08, 2013

Melbourne (Gold Museum)

Today was quite a boring trip except for the ending part which is Go-karting. i went to Gold museum in the beginning.
Displays of gold nuggets and old gold coins were in the display case and there is even a souvenir shops which sell real gold.
Their souvenir shop sells gold accessories ranging from gold dusted bookmark and golden spoon to those high and exclusive gold necklace and gold rings.
My mum spent 500bucks just alone in that shop. insane gold spending for gold. or should i say Goldception.

and that's the most boring place ever.

Next, we went on to sovereign hill. sovereign hill is a place where people mine gold from gold mine.
Gold mining activities are still carrying out but are not as efficient as last time as currently they have reverted the place
into a tourist attraction.

took their gold mine cart to their first floor mining level and experience the hardship of the miners 30 years ago.
A cool and fun experience indeed. it's almost as real as 30 years ago like how they were living under the mining area.

Till now they even have gold panning for tourist and visitors to have a taste of how the workers find gold nuggets near the river banks.

had a feel of how heavy this gold bar weighed.

i'll be rich if i'm able to take that gold bar out of that display case.

At night i went on to play Go-kart with my brother and my Dad. was quite a thrilling experience because in singapore,
you never get to go at a full speed, but in Australia you can!

Most fun of all is that you can drift at the bend!

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