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Monday, March 11, 2013

Melbourne (Phillips island)

(Beware!post are flooded with pics!)

Went to Phillips island! It's a wonderful and mythical place with different cute animal on that island.
Well basically, Phillips island is located west of Victoria. It's another places
Of attraction for tourists.

First stop, Phillip's island chocolate factory!
Admission pass was 15 per pax to visit their chocolate factory. 
The buying of candies beside the store is free of charge.

The moment I step inside the chocolate factory it's filled with chocolate and candies.

The chocolate factory that I went let us eat as much chocolate as we wanted there. we can even play their minigames and stand a chance to win a golden wrapped chocolate!

besides that, decorative chocolates design are also being displayed inside the chocolate factory.

we could even make our own chocolate with our on flavor with just 2 bucks with this machine!

made my own white chocolate with cola flavoring. sounds weird but tasted good.

of course when you visit a chocolate factory, you shouldn't miss their chocolate drinks and snacks.

this chocolate drink indeed look awesome. but i waste so thirsty that this chocolate drink made me more thirstier.

well it's our lucky day that Philips's island are having a market sales on Saturday.
Their market are near the beach. and you could see that their beach is a wonderful place compare to Singapore.
well bitches love beaches.

went on to the penguin parade to see penguins!

on the way to the stand to watch the penguin, i spotted an animal which i assumed that it's a kangaroo.

sister told me that it isn't an kangaroo. it's call a wallaby. a wallaby is smaller than a kangaroo.

sat on the stand and watched penguins waddle back to their home.

they usually come out at around 8pm+ and are often washed up to shore in groups. the way they waddle back is damn cute.

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