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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A whole day tour in Georgetown Penang.(Dim sum)


First stop Dim sum at Leong Kee!
Hired a driver from a web to take us on a 10 hour one day tour. The tour cost 25RM per hour which i find it fairly cheap.

We arrived at Kimberley street for our morning dim sum at 10am.
The place was already bustling with people when it's approaching to noon.

So we ordered a whole lot of food but i will just features the good one here.

Okay so it's chee cheong fun that i'm going to feature first.

so what make this Chee cheong fun so special? The sweet soy sauce which was doused on top of the Chee Cheong Fun taste superbly good. It was also accompanied by fresh prawns which are wrapped inside the soft, smooth and slippery skin.

Some Coffee shops sells dry and hard chee cheong fun that the moment you have your first bite, you swear you wouldn't buy it from them anymore but if you have tasted Leong Kee'sChee Cheong Fun, i swear that this heavenly Chee Cheong Fun won't disappoint you.

Next it's this Lor Mai Kai/Fan Choy.

Yup, when you look at it you will say that it's Fan Choy, but when you literally eat it, you will then say it's Lor Mai Kai/Fan Choy.

The rice belongs to Fan Choy but suprisely, it's chicken tasted really like Lor Mai Kai!
This lip-smacking combination would probably make you polish the whole plate off.
Rating 3.7/5

Leong Kee Tim Sum Restaurant 龙记港式点心
61 Kimberley Street (junction with Rope Walk)
George Town, Penang 10100
Tel: +6016-4550386

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