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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A whole day tour in Georgetown, Penang.(Chew jetty)

Okay so while we are waiting for digestion to continue, we visited the Chew jetty which till now is still a famous jetty site attraction for tourist here in Penang.

A local enjoy his nap on a sunny weather.

This Jetty sell items like postcards, souvenirs and even homemade ice cream on a sunny weather. Tourist mainly come here for their great sea view and for photo taking.
Turtle souvenirs

Those postcards were really well-design because i was told that it was done by a artist that painted Chew Jetty's wall at the side of the corridor. Unfortunately, the drawing was taken down by the local because the drawing attracts many photographers which disturbs the local from their rest.

59A, Chew Jetty, Weld Quay,
10300, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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